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Phido is your portable IP camera and your “Home Surveillance Security” application with an easy setup, flexible preferences and functional directly once installed. It allows you to watch real-time video remotely via any standard browser, through secure and password-protected video streaming through your mobile’s or laptop’s camera.

Phido offers a quick and economic monitoring solutions to watch your baby, house or any area of concern with existing devices, and spares you the complications of hardware installation, limited monitoring corners, and backbreaking expenses.

Phido comes into two versions: Wireless and Anyplace Online Services ( that operate on most devices that have a camera and Wi-Fi/Internet enabled, be it a Windows Laptop or PC, iPhone or iPad, BlackBerry, Nokia, Android, LG … etc., and its Wireless version supports many user interface languages: Spanish, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, German and French. Moreover, If you would like to participate in translating Phido into other languages or to correct the current translations, please contact us at

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Phido is developed and copyright by JValley Software Solutions®, 2011 –


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