- What do I need to install Phido Wireless?

You need a device with a camera and Wi-Fi and a browser to connect to Phido and watch its camera. Verify that your device is among the supported devices within our versions: iPhone/iPad, blackberry, Symbian, or PC/Laptop, then Identify the version suitable for your device and download it.

- How to start using Phido Wireless?

On startup, Phido Wireless will automatically attempt to connect to your preferred Wi-Fi access point, and shall display a Address/URL to connect to it. Place the device in suitable location, and make sure that there is enough light for the image to be clear. You can verify that from the preview screen of Phido. On another device that you will use to monitor remotely, open the browser and enter the URL provided by Phido. That’s all !

- How to troubleshoot Phido?

A descriptive error message will be displayed on any error. Feel free to drop us an email to Phido@JValley.net and our support team will get back to you shortly.

- How can I access Phido Wireless over the Internet?

The answer to this question depends on your network / Wi-Fi setup, and the client device capabilities you wish to use remotely. Ideally, you will need a static public IP to your network, and your router should support Port Forwarding to redirect external traffic requests to Phido IP address and port. Other alternatives can be done if there is no static IP; like having Dynamic DNS. On the other hand, you can use Phido Anyplace Online Service, if you need such access.

- How long can Phido operate?

Phido can run for 10+ hours, depending on the battery of your device. However, device battery might not stand continuous streaming. Thus, make sure to plug it in power supply to avoid outage. On the client machine, there is no limit to connection. But again, watch your device battery. Moreover, if you reduce Phido Image Refresh Rate settings, you will be able to run Phido longer.

- How can I make sure that no one else can connect to Phido Wireless, but me, if I enable access from internet?

Phido Wireless is secured and password protected. Make sure to set up a strong password for Phido when you enable internet access.

- I have Nokia N97 device, and Phido Wireless stops working when my Nokia N97 goes into standby mode, what shall i do?

After you have started Phido Wireless, and positioned your Nokia device to capture the desired view, please select the right-key “Hide” to send Phido to the background to continue operating even if Nokia N97 goes into standby mode.

- I get an error when accessing Phido installed on my iPad/iPhone

After you start Phido on your iPad/iPhone, make sure that it is running in the foreground. Sending Phido to the background will cause Phido to stop.

- What to do if my question is not within the above questions?

Feel free to drop us email to Phido@JValley.net and our support team will get back to you shortly to answer your question.

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